13th Coastal Altimetry Workshop & Coastal Altimetry Training

February 10, 2023
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The 13th Edition of the Coastal Altimetry Workshop (CAW-13) was held on 6-10 February 2023, including a Coastal Altimetry Training for Early Career Scientists and Engineers.


The workshop gathered several researchers who presented studies using the latest missions’ data products (Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, Sentinel-3A/B, CryoSat-2, CFOSAT, HY-2, AltiKa and Jason-3) and simulated data from the future SWOT mission.


Dedicated technical sessions covered issues and applications in coastal altimetry (sea level, dynamic topography, currents, winds and waves, sea state, extreme events, etc.), including investigations on the complex hydrodynamics of estuaries and on how the runoff affects coastal water circulation, and discuss other data for both real-time monitoring & long-term change studies and products for operationalisation.

 Our partner from CLS, Claire Dufau, gave training on Coastal Hazards during the Panel “Fields of Application for Coastal Altimetry” panel on Monday, February 6th, where she featured the EOatSEE project. 

Her presentation can be found here, also available here together with other workshop materials

The workshop can be entirely re-watched on  ESA-ESRIN Conference Bureau YouTube Channel.

As in previous editions of the Workshop, requirements from the users were expected to stimulate the improvement of present and the shaping of future applications, space-borne and in situ products & models, and consolidate the recurring requirements for a Global Coastal Altimetry Product Standard.

The International Coastal Altimetry Community website can be accessed at: www.coastalt.eu.

The Coastal Altimetry Workshop Series website can be accessed at: www.coastalaltimetry.org.