Earth Observation Advanced science Tools for Sea level Extreme Events

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Earth Observation Advanced science Tools for Sea level Extreme Events (EOatSEE) is a project funded by ESA and proposed by a consortium of institutions and companies that are internationally recognized for their work in the Marine, Coastal and Earth Observation topics.  It aims to provide an advanced reconstruction of the relevant processes included in extreme sea level (ESL) events and its related coastal hazards, by taking advantage of the novel capabilities and synergies offered by the latest advances in EO technology.

The project also includes the development of a pilot program of scientific research and knowledge transfer to early-adopters, focused on six different use cases located in key vulnerable areas. Specific applications are to be employed by these engaged end-users for knowledge-based decision making, evaluating the added value of EO-products on the high-resolution downscaling modelling tools and within historical analysis and future projections of ESL events. Moreover, a community Scientific Roadmap should be developed aimed at transferring the outcomes of the EOatSEE into future scientific activities and indicating potential topics for additional research.

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This project is part of the “Earth Observation Science for Society” block of activities of the new ESA FutureEO-1 programme.

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